About this item
EFFORTLESS DETANGLING – This brush glides through all hair effortlessly detangling knots without the hair damage caused by other brushes. The nylon bristle and silicone cushion creates a pliable but firm experience that is also incredibly durable!

AIR CUSHIONED PADDLE: The cushioned base stimulates blood flow in the scalp, producing healthier hair, encouraging hair growth, and enriching hair follicles with natural oils, while a small ventilation hole relieves air pressure to avoid damaging the scalp

STIMULATES THE SCALP – Whether Daily Brushing or Shower Brushing, This Paddle Brush Distributes The Natural Oils in The Skin and Hair and Ensures Your Hair Follicles are Well-Treated and Stimulated

RUBBERIZED FINISH – This paddle brush has been finished with a matte black material to ensure a solid grip. This material is water resistant, allowing shower use or dry use, and rapid blow-styling, gentle styling, and detangling hair for a smooth finish.

GIORGIO PADDLE COLLECTION – The Perfect Everyday Brushes Suitable For All Hair Types, Lengths, and Textures, Great for Gifts Large surface area of the hair brush paddle with evenly spaced bristles helps separate hair for faster drying.