About this item
One Point Five Inches Diameter For Shorter Hair; Intended For Use On Shorter Hair Lengths; Excellent For Thin Or Thick Or Curly Or Frizzy Hair Types; Give Short Hair Styles A Boost And Help Set Curls And Waves Looks Smooth Shiny And Clean

Round Brush For Blow Drying; Designed To Style As Well As Add Root Lift And Volume And Curl And Wave When Used With A Blow Dryer; Offer The Finest Bristle To Smooth The Hair When Used With The Heat During Your Blow Out; For Blow Out Styles And Volume

Hundred Percent Natural Boar Bristle Brush; Creates Perfect Tension For Getting Root Lift And Bounce; Distribute Natural Oils Down The Hair Shaft Which Is The Best Natural Conditioner; Stimulate The Scalp Increasing Blood Flow And Overall Hair Health

Adds Lift And Volume; Increase Root Lift And Volume Quickly; Create Texture And Movement Throughout The Hair By Curling And Waving Each Section By Wrapping Them Around The Brush Then Heating The Hair Then Cooling It Back Down To Set The Curl

Lightweight Wood Brush Handle; Feature A Natural Grain Wood Handle That Is Balanced And Lightweight; Excellent For Blow Drying For Long Periods Of Time And Helps To Prevent Fatigue