NATURAL BOAR BRISTLE CLOTHES BRUSHES ARE THE BEST YOU COULD BUY. Cheaper lint brushes are made from synthetic plastic and are not good for fine fabric care. These brushes are hand-finished by me, at our little workshop in Philadelphia.

PERFECT CLOTHES BRUSH FOR MEN AND THEIR BLACK WOOL SUITS. Perfect lint brush for clothes. Excellent on your velvet upholstery also. Easy to keep clean. Run a fine tooth comb through it to keep it clean. Wash with soap and water if it gets real dirty. Always dry with a cloth. Also great for suede/nubuck shoes or boots. Brush in the direction of the grain.

SATISFACTION GUARANTEED. We offer a one year warranty for workmanship on our lint remover brush if purchased from an authorized manufacturer. Remember this clothing brush has distressed marks and color variations due to the natural character. This lint brush should last a lifetime and I want to provide the absolute BEST customer experience. If you have any questions I will do whatever it takes to make it right.

SOMETIMES DOG HAIR IS HARD TO REMOVE. Wet the brush slightly before using and it will pick up animal hair better.

YOU WILL FIND DOZENS OF USES FOR THIS HOUSEHOLD CLEANING TOOL. In a barbershop or salon it cleans the hair off of you and your customers. Works amazing on auto detailing a car and gentle enough for a cashmere sweater.