About this item
One Point Seventy Five Inches Diameter Round Brush For Short Hair; Ideal For Shorter Hair Types; Excellent Brush For Curling Hair; Smoothing Coarse Short Hair And Styling Bangs

Hundred Percent Natural Boar Bristle; These Bristles Penetrate Deeply Into The Hair Creating Smooth Shiny Hair When Used With A Blow Dryer; Natural Boar Bristles Help To Distribute Your Natural Oil That Conditions The Hair With Every Use

Tail Comb Handle; Allows For Easy Parting Of The Hair With The Back Of The Brush Handle; Helps Set And Style Hair More Efficiently And Accurately

Ergonomic Shape Lightweight Wooden Body; This Brush Is Comfortable In The Hand; Lightweight By Design; Can Be Used By A Professional For Extended Lengths Comfortably Without Fatigue

Create Lift And Volume; Works Well At The Root Of The Hair To Smooth Away Any Curls Close To The Hair Line; Also Increase Lift And Volume At The Base Of The Hair; Use Around The Hair For Blow Outs For Maximum Results